Monday, March 9, 2009

Step By Step: Vinyl to Wall Application

Here is the "before" picture of a very nice but boring grouping of photos in a hallway. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to apply some fun vinyl lettering directly to the wall in order to spice things up!

STEP ONE: Without removing any of the backing from the vinyl, hold it up to the wall and "eyeball" about where you would like it to be.

STEP TWO: In order to make sure the lettering is level, find a common letter in your saying and make sure it is the same distance from the bottom as the other letter in the saying (we use the "e" below).

STEP THREE: After you have your vinyl in place, mark the corners with a pencil on the wall.

STEP FOUR: Remove the backing of the vinyl lettering.

STEP FIVE: Line up the corners with the markings you've made on the wall for placement.

STEP SIX: Using a credit card, smooth out the tape and lettering, adhering it to the wall.

STEP SEVEN: Remove the transfer tape carefully. The most effective way is to hold it as close to the wall as possible as you pull it downward.

STEP EIGHT: Stand back and admire your work and love your new vinyl lettering!

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  1. I am forever thankful that I was told about your company back in the day! I get SO many compliments on our wall lettering and spread the word about your company each and every time! xo